A Meaningful Impact From Day One

Launched in 2016, the Nashville Teacher Residency (NTR) recruits and trains recent, non-education major college graduates to become high performing middle and high school math and English teachers serving low-income students in Nashville’s district and charter schools.

At full capacity, NTR will place seventy-five residents in the classrooms of effective, experienced mentor teachers, who will provide modeling, mentoring, and coaching as the residents take over teaching responsibilities in their classroom. At night, residents will take rigorous, practical, and hands-on classes in pedagogy, content, relationship building, and community and culture. At the end of the year, they become state-licensed teachers ready to have a meaningful impact on students from day one of their long careers in education.


Environment is Essential

All NTR residents are placed at one of our sixteen partner schools where they work and study teaching under the guidance of a talented mentor teacher.


Diverse Educators for Diverse Students

Research has shown the pronounced, positive effect diverse teaching staffs have on the educational achievement of all students, and NTR believes that our residents should reflect the diversity of Nashville’s students and communities. Our second cohort is 75% residents of color and 30% first generation college graduates, and we are committed to continuing to reach out to people of color who are interested in becoming exceptional teachers.

To that end, we are also proud to be a founding member of the Tennessee Educational Equity Coalition (TEEC), a group of civil rights and education advocacy organizations convened by Conéxion Américas to address the chronic disparities in achievement and opportunities for students of color.

As a sub-grantee of TEEC, NTR has collaborated with Lipscomb University’s College of Education and Belmont University’s Metro Nashville Teacher Residency program to form the Trailblazer Coalition. Our collaboration will address the lack of diversity in Nashville’s teacher workforce by promoting the profession through outreach to people and communities of color.


The Nashville Teacher Residency Approach

NTR Residents receive initial licensure at the successful completion of their residency year and are guaranteed full-time employment as a teacher at one of our partner schools.

Nashville Teacher Residency

Embrace Practice.

Practice is how anyone ever gets truly great at anything–especially teaching. In order to excel at teaching, teachers must commit to the practice it takes to get there.

Nashville Teacher Residency

Know Your Community.

In order to serve a community, a teacher needs to know that community. Empathizing with your students means taking the time to learn about their lives outside the classroom.

Nashville Teacher Residency

Value Relationships.

Teaching begins with strong relationships. Becoming an effective teacher means knowing, respecting, and valuing your students, their parents, and your colleagues.

Nashville Teacher Residency

Exceed Expectations.

The most effective educators are the ones who relentlessly problem solve, creatively innovate, and do whatever it takes to serve their students.