Year One in Resident Quotes

By Diarese George on May 17, 2017

One year ago in May 2016, our first cohort finished its internship and became Nashville Teacher Residency residents. A little over a month later, these 14 individuals entered into our four founding partner schools, and started their journey to becoming excellent teachers. Their weeks were packed full! After a full day of observing and teaching […]


NTR Spring Internship: Your Questions Asked and Answered

By Diarese George on May 15, 2017

Have you ever asked yourself, “Is teaching for me?” If you have, you’re not alone. Deciding to become a teacher is a big decision and a big responsibility. That is why the Nashville Teacher Residency offers potential residents the opportunity to “try out” teaching during an eight-week internship. That sounds great, right? It is! We […]


Welcoming NTR’s Second Intern Cohort

By Diarese George on April 5, 2017

At a celebration on March 28, we welcomed our second cohort of interns to the Nashville Teacher Residency family. In the upcoming weeks, these 25 interns (aspiring teachers!) will begin the eight-week spring internship. During the internship, they will have the chance to see what NTR’s practice driven program is all about, visit partner schools […]


Are you going to be a teacher here next year?

By Diarese George on March 27, 2017

In her first interview, Hawanatu Wurie talked about her hope of becoming an impactful teacher. Only a few months later, it looks like she is on her way to accomplishing just that! When Hawanatu talks about her student teaching experiences so far two things stand out: the support she has received from her mentor teacher […]


Becoming More Independent in the Classroom

By Diarese George on March 15, 2017

In his first interview last September, JD Skipworth shared how he went from working in a cubicle to applying to become a teacher resident. This career change led JD to not only enjoy and thrive in his work but also join a profession of which he is proud. After shadowing his mentor teacher and working […]


Student Teaching Tales with Ciana Calhoun

By Diarese George on March 9, 2017

In her first interview, we learned how teacher resident Ciana Calhoun’s fourth grade social studies teacher made a lasting impact on her life. Now only a few months later, we see that Ciana herself is challenging, supporting and impacting students’ lives at her school Knowledge Academies. In her interview, she talks student teaching preparation, successes […]


Student Teaching Successes and Challenges: Sam Moxley

By Diarese George on February 28, 2017

Prior to residents’ first week of student teaching, NTR’s staff ensures that residents and mentor teachers have the tools they need to be successful. Both participate in training and classes to understand the expectations, preparation work and schedule of student teaching. They learn ways to take on unexpected challenges and make a plan to ensure […]


Student Teaching with Donnie McCord

By Diarese George on February 21, 2017

Throughout the residency year, NTR teacher residents become more and more independent in their classrooms. They begin to take on more daily lesson planning and classroom duties. Their skills learned from bi-weekly resident classes are put into action as the residents begin to get a stronger grasp on who they are as a teacher and […]


Building Students’ Confidence: Danielle Moore

By Diarese George on January 24, 2017

Every day teachers not only teach their students, but they also work hard to inspire them and leave the seeds of determination and hope. Danielle Moore is one of these teachers. As a teacher resident at Valor Collegiate Academies, Danielle wants her students to walk away from class with confidence. “Prior to class, I practice […]


Being a Role Model: Liza Landry

By Diarese George on December 13, 2016

When asked the question, “Why did you want to become a teacher?”, NTR resident Liza Landry simply answers that she desires to be a positive role model for children. Growing up, she is the first to admit that she struggled in school. As a student, she didn’t have a passion for learning, but rather for […]