From Nervous to Confident: Elyse Johnson

By Diarese George on November 28, 2016

Diving into a new career can be nerve wracking, right? At the start of her residency year, Elyse was excited, but nervous. She was excited about teaching English, but nervous about those first few days of getting in front of a classroom full of students. Since public speaking has never been at the top of […]


Teacher Resident Charolette Dawkins

By Diarese George on November 15, 2016

Earlier this year, Charolette Dawkins became a part of the Nashville Teacher Residency’s first teacher resident cohort. In addition to her background in biology, Charolette offers diversity in thinking due to personal and professional experiences like working as a child support case specialist at the Department of Human Services. In the interview below, she offers […]


Education is a Powerful Tool: Saniha Lakhani

By Diarese George on November 10, 2016

As a first generation American, Saniha Lakhani believes that education is a powerful tool that can change futures and entire lives. After her parents married, they left their home in India and immigrated to the United States where they hoped to give their children new opportunities and the promise of a better future. Now a […]


Building Relationships is Key: Gerron Hurt

By Diarese George on November 1, 2016

For NTR Resident Gerron Hurt building relationships with his students is a top priority. Reflecting on the impact teachers had on his life, one teacher stands out in particular – a high school English teacher. Gerron’s freshman English teacher really took the time to get to know his students. He knew what was going on […]


Resident Classes: Learn, Practice, Reflect

By Diarese George on October 27, 2016

During their residency year, NTR residents come together twice a week to learn, practice and reflect. At these biweekly classes, residents are given the tools they need to become excellent, effective first year teachers. So, what do these classes look like, and what do residents learn? Great, question! I am glad that you asked. Most […]


Becoming an Impactful Teacher: Hawanatu Wurie

By Diarese George on October 17, 2016

Growing up, education was a top priority in Hawanatu Wurie’s home. Her parents, immigrants from Sierra Leone, stressed the importance of attending school and being successful at school. Hawanatu recalls fond memories of her first years in school, but when she thinks about middle school, her memories begin to fade. She does not remember her […]


Teacher Talk with Resident Eric DeVaughn

By Diarese George on October 10, 2016

“No matter your background, math is relevant, and it is attainable. Many times math is hard because someone tells you it is hard. Students assume that they will not be good at math, and I hope to dispel that myth.” – Eric DeVaughn, NTR Resident A year ago Eric was teaching music and working as […]


Teacher in Training: Porsha Stallings

By Diarese George on October 3, 2016

After moving to Tennessee in the seventh grade, Porsha Stallings says she was a quiet student who made good grades. Because of that, she feels like she was overlooked. Thinking back, she says that she wanted teachers to ask her how she was. Now, as a teacher in training at Valor Collegiate Academies, Porsha works […]


Career Choices: Resident JD Skipworth

By Diarese George on September 26, 2016

“Something wasn’t clicking with my career choice, and I started thinking, ‘What do I want to do with my life?’ I thought back to previous work and volunteer experiences and picked out the times when I felt the happiest and most connected to my work. My teaching assistant position in college and a summer working […]


Lasting Impacts: Teacher Resident Ciana Calhoun

By Diarese George on September 19, 2016

Teachers make lasting impacts on students’ lives everyday. For NTR Resident Ciana Calhoun, her fourth grade social studies teacher did just that. Ciana recalls the wandering feeling she had her first few years of school. Her elementary school was located in what she describes as a tough neighborhood with crime and violence. Her fourth grade […]