Building Students’ Confidence: Danielle Moore

By Diarese George on January 24, 2017

Danielle Moore

Every day teachers not only teach their students, but they also work hard to inspire them and leave the seeds of determination and hope. Danielle Moore is one of these teachers. As a teacher resident at Valor Collegiate Academies, Danielle wants her students to walk away from class with confidence.

“Prior to class, I practice the math content that I am going to present to my class. There are times when a problem can be tricky for me to figure out. I tell my students, ‘Hey, the first time I did this math problem, I was confused too, but with practice, I was able to figure it out and improve.’ I hope that by practicing transparency with my students, they will see that there isn’t anything wrong with struggling as long as you are ready to stick it out until you get it right. I want my students to learn to not give up. I want them to know and believe that with work, they can achieve more. ”
– Danielle Moore, NTR Resident

Take a deeper look into Danielle’s teacher residency year.

Prior to your residency year, what were you working in?

After graduating in December 2015, I worked in retail. I originally planned to return to school and get a master’s degree in education. One day I came across the Nashville Teacher Residency program. It’s hands-on approach and focus on the individual resident’s development and learning journey was attractive to me.

Growing up, did you have a teacher who influenced your teaching practices?

In high school, I had a math teacher that was a real stickler about working until you got a math problem right. That really stuck with me. I want to teach my students the value of hard work and persistence!

What has been one of your biggest challenges?

I want to learn my math content well enough to anticipate student errors and questions and know how to guide them to the right place. When they make errors, I want to be able to see where they came from to make that error.

At the beginning of your NTR residency year, what were you most nervous about?

I actually didn’t feel nervous. The NTR program sets its residents up for success. Entering into the program, I wasn’t expected to know it all, just have a willingness to learn and receive feedback. If I don’t understand something we are learning, a NTR staff member knows how to break down the information for me.

hands on teacher preparation

What do you value most about NTR’s teacher training?

NTR staff is very open and supportive of its residents. If you are having a work issue or a personal issue, you know that you can discuss it with NTR.

Also, within our cohort, we have created a learning environment in which we can be vulnerable. We all started on the same teaching level, and it was and it is still ok to say, “I don’t know.” This allows me to feel like I can make mistakes and get better from these mistakes.


Want to be a part of Nashville Teacher Residency’s 2017-2018 teacher resident cohort? Our application deadline is February 15.