Year One in Resident Quotes

By Diarese George on May 17, 2017

One year ago in May 2016, our first cohort finished its internship and became Nashville Teacher Residency residents. A little over a month later, these 14 individuals entered into our four founding partner schools, and started their journey to becoming excellent teachers.

Their weeks were packed full! After a full day of observing and teaching classes, they had coaching sessions with their mentor teachers and then headed to NTR’s bi-weekly teacher preparation classes.

Now back to the present. In a few days, they will complete their year-long residency year! We wish each of our residents luck in their first year of independent teaching, and we look forward to supporting you in the next step of your journey.

Though so much could be said about each resident, we want to look back on some of our favorite quotes.

Quotes about students!

Quotes about mentor teachers!

Quotes about partner schools!

Quotes about NTR!